Selective Hearing

I recently posted a comment on a blog post that tossed around a false and poorly presented accusation of the pop punk/alternative/whatever band Hoobastank. Before I get started please know that I’m not even a Hoobastank fan. I don’t own any of their music or merchandise, nor do I have any sort of affiliation with them. My issue with the accusation was that it was obviously a hoax and I felt that I had to speak up, before the masses played Telephone any longer with the whole thing.

The Lowdown

On Twitter there is a user that goes by the handle @hoobastank_band. For whatever strange reason this user posts numerous irrelevant posts with the #iranelection Twitter hashtag attached to them, and cloaks their mischievous URLs to prevent the not-so-savvy users from knowing what horror lies ahead for them. I’m not going to go into vivid detail as to what is seen once you click their shortened URLs, but I’ll provide a single word for you to Google: ‘goatse’.

In a world where encyclopedias have been replaced by Wikipedia (God help us) and the newspaper has been replaced by Digg, it’s easy to be mislead by subjective source material and unconfirmed tidbits of information. Such is the case with Hoobastank. In a post titled ‘What’s that smell? I think it’s GOATSE and HOOBASTANK‘, I voiced my opinion on the matter accompanied by some common sense and logic. Something some people seem to lack, even when the most paper thin hoaxes pummel them in the face. That’s the beauty of owning your own blog though. You can delete whatever comments you see fit for deletion. Whether they contain profanity or in this case, the obvious truth, it’s up to you. Master of your own domain (bad pun). Oh well, it was a worthy attempt. Fortunately I voiced my same thoughts on the official Hoobastank forum where they won’t be selectively removed at the administrators will. The fact that my post was pro-Hoobastank helps as well.

View the forum post here: ‘Hoobastank? This is seriously despicable of you to do‘ (nice spelling, pal.) (I fail at spelling. Thanks Anon.) Scroll a little ways down and you’ll see my post. In case for some reason my post gets deleted, I’ve included a screenshot.

click to enlarge

The thing that kills me about the topic on the Hoobastank forum is that nearly every post in there was immediately condemning Hoobastank for the whole ordeal. Whatever happened to fans? People jump to conclusions too easily. If you’re going to make such a big deal out of something, you should probably do some of your own research prior to setting the buzz ablaze on the web. That blog post currently has 75 diggs. I’ve posted far better material on Digg and barely got anything. Proof that the world thrives on destruction.

So to those of you who are quick to jump on the bandwagon and spread information, check the validity first. Like the saying goes: don’t believe everything you hear (or in this case, read). Not everything on the internet is true. Before you get all up in arms, check the source.

8 thoughts on “Selective Hearing”

  1. Well, it does seem pretty questionable, but this kind of puts the stank on that account not being Hoobastank:

    That is from the Digg discussion, which is mostly a reiteration of the website’s discussion (which appears to have deleted your comment, btw).

    Regardless, Hubastank is a stank-ass band and if this finishes off their career: so much the better. If it catapults them to stardom, I will be justified in having stopped listening to music radio. :)

      1. Ahh, the plot thickens! Dang, I was hoping that @Hoobastank_band was real, since those whopping 147 followers would prove the band is flushing down the porcelain bowl quickly.

        Nice detective work. I was too busy making fun of the moron teacher who clicked one of their links in a presentation to his 8th grade civics class and showed them the goatse to do any looking around.

        I briefly wondered about a PS on the original pic, but figured it was the lighting.

  2. What’s wrong with the spelling there? I don’t see any errors in the thread title, though in the original post I see one case of using an adverb instead of an adjective, one case of flawed subject-verb agreement, and one misspelling of the band’s name.

    I’m sort of guessing that you think “despicable” is misspelled and making a common mistake in thinking it’s spelled “dispicable”, which is incorrect. If this is the case, you probably should avoid correcting people’s spelling in the future.

    1. My initial read said that it was spelled incorrectly but it was actually my error. The spelling is correct. Regardless, the spelling is probably the least important thing to draw from the topic. Unlike the owners of some blogs though, I’m not afraid to approve comments that go against the grain.

      1. Okay well while I’m at it, it should also be pointed out that it’s pretty likely that most if not all of the negative posts in the thread on the Hoobastank forum were from people in on the joke. That also goes for the mrdestructo blog as well as the people commenting on the mrdestructo blog.

        1. Yeah, you’re probably right. I’m sure there’s a group of people in on it. I think it’s kind of funny. It makes me wonder what made them decide to use Hoobastank of all bands as their pawn to the whole ploy. I wonder how many people in both the Mr. Destructo topic and the Hoobastank forum post are actually in on it. It could even be one person registering multiple accounts. Who knows.

  3. As an update, that teacher is a Canadian and took umbrage at my assuming he was an American publik skewl teacher. So I told him that I was sorry I’d assumed he was an American publik skewl teacher and that I was sorry that the Canadian system of schooling is just as bad as ours.

    Now that teacher is on a crusade with his school district to have Hoobastank banned from the district. I pointed out that him showing his 8th graders the goatse was entirely his own fault for not researching the link before he clicked it and for the school’s not having a filter.

    Of course, that won’t fit with his “I’m the victim” paradigm and might even endanger his job, so he won’t accept that logic.

    He probably believes in Man-Made Global Warming and Al Gore’s Internet too.

    Oh well.

    Oh, and just to get in on the grammar topic: I stopped pointing out people’s grammatical errors long ago. I just skip the badly-written stuff altogether as automatically irrelevant. I can understand if you’re writing English as a second language (that’s easy to spot), but when you’re only excuse is that the closest spelling bee you ever participated in was via txt messaging… Ya, you’re too stupid to be worth considering valid in any discussion.

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